We have been selling our machines in Japan and to overseas.

    Business outline

    Designing, manufacturing and selling Lapidary machines and cutting machines or grining machines for from gemstones to brittle materials, and grinding and polishing machine of diamond tool and processing tools in Japan and to overseas.

    Business policy

    We have been producing our origiinal machines with our actual experiences and kno-how to be able to contribute to eash business fields.


    Corporate name



    3-10-5 Asake, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, Japan


    055 232 3143


    055 232 3149

    Capital fund

    JPY 10,000,000

    Start of businesses

    May, 1946.


    President Matsuzaki Masatoshi

    Business type

    Design, manufacturing and selling of machines and parts including exporting and importing.

    Accounting period

    The end of March

    By car from Chuo Expressway: 
    ○From Tokyo 
    Get off at "Katsunuma" or "Ichinomiya Misaka" interchange and head towards Kofu. Turn right at Kamiawara intersection. 
    ○From the Suwa area: 
    Get off at the "Kofu Showa" interchange and head for the Isawa area. Turn left at the Kamiahara intersection. 
    By train 
    Get off at Kofu Station on the Chuo Line and take a taxi for about 10 minutes. 
    transfer to "Minobu Line" and get off at "Minamikofu Station", about 10 minutes on foot.



    In KOGANEI Co., Ltd. 3-11-28 Midori-cho, Koganei-shi,Tokyo, Japan


    +81 42 383 5517


    +81 42 383 5518

    On the Chuou Expressway 
    ○JR Chuo Line: 5 minutes by taxi from Musashi Koganei Station. 
    ○JR Chuo Line: About 8 minutes by taxi from Higashi Koganei Station. 
    ○Seibu Shinjuku Line: About 10 minutes by taxi from Hanakoganei Station.


    January, 1946

    IMAHASHI IRON FACTORY had estblished in Kofu- city in Yamanashi prefecture. (Private operation)

    August, 1961

    Tokyo facetory had estblished in Hino-city in Tokyo.

    April, 1966

    Reorganized to IMAHASHI MFG CO., LTD. 
    Head office places in Hino, Tokyo.

    April, 1969

    First capital increase

    April, 1971

    Second capital increase

    June, 1973

    Kofu factory newly constructed at 3-14-10 Asake.

    April, 1974

    Third capital increase

    April, 1976

    Fourth capital increase

    April, 1986

    Fifth capital increase

    August, 1988

    Kofu second factory established at 3-10-5 Asake, Kofu.

    November, 1991

    New constructed Kofu factory established in the place of the second factory.

    February, 1994

    Tokyo factory had been merged with Kofu factory.

    June, 2019

    We have joined KOGANEI CORPORATION group.

    June, 2020

    Moved the head office to Kofu City and opened the Tokyo sales office in Koganei Co., Ltd.

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